How to meditate?

Have you ever tried to sit still and focus your attention on something? Or tried to stop the chatter that is going on in your mind? It is not an easy task. Once we start becoming curious how our mind works, we realise that there is a constant chatter. Thoughts are coming and going. When we are not feeling well negative thoughts come, when we are feeling well positive thoughts come, or worrying thoughts about how long this will last. We seem to be constantly involved with either the past or the future. Trying to focus on the present moment presents itself as a challenge. But try this: sit down in a quiet space and take a 5-10 minutes for yourself. Start bringing your attention to your breath and then simply observe your in-breath and your out-breath. How long can you do that before another thought crosses your mind? If that happens, do not worry, just start again. In-breath and out-breath. Feel your breath entering your nostrils and feel your breath leaving your nostrils. Continue doing this simple practice. Whenever you get lost in thoughts just come back to your in-breath and start over. After your dedicated practice time is finished, feel how your body feels and how your minds feels. If you take this time twice a day for yourself to simply observe your in-breath and your out-breath without wanting it to change, you have started a mediation practice. You can always practise this by yourself, but it is helpful to look for an experienced teacher if you decide to make this more of a deeper journey for you. As with everything, there are obstacles on this path and it is good to have some support, as otherwise you might give up when it seems too difficult to continue. It is also helpful to mediate in a group as this enhances the energy and makes it easier to concentrate on the here and now. It is definitely a rewarding journey and I can highly recommend it to anyone.

I am offering beginners classes in breath-mediation and mindful body awareness throughout the year in Brisbane. Just have a look at the events page for the dates. Many blessings, Sandra