How to increase your Vitality!

Vitality is influenced by positive thoughts, a healthy body, supporting
relationships & a loving attitude towards oneself

Body Psychotherapy
acknowledges all dimensions
of a human life. For healing,
to take care of the body is
equally important as to build
loving relationships or to
develop positive thought
patterns. Underlying
unconscious patterns such as
feeling unworthy, untrusting
or unlovable can hinder us
from developing a healthy
relationship to ourselves and
others. With trauma these
patterns are engrained in our
body and brain and therefore
it is helpful to begin with
changes in how we take care
of our body. Bodywork, a
healthy lifestyle (reducing
stress) and working with old
beliefs can bring about
change. Often we feel
anxious around changing
habits and therefore decide to
remain in them. It is
important to release the old
energy and prepare our
bodies for the new energy.
When we change our
relationship to our body we
change the relationship to
everybody else. When we
learn to appreciate and love
who we are we can let love
in. The flow of love is the
greatest enhancer for our