Sandra  offers transformative group work with a somatic approach to Trauma Healing, which research has shown to be most effective in Trauma Therapy. Sandra guides people through a process that includes elements of psychotherapeutic trauma recovery interventions, mindfulness practice and guided meditation. The confidential therapeutic group environment builds a safe container in which you can explore the connections between your feelings and thoughts and, by developing a present awareness around them, you allow your self-healing forces to emerge. During this process, you will be able to integrate dissociated parts of yourself and feel wholesome again. This will lead to a release of tension and pain, calmness and emotional balance, a sense of empowerment and increased vitality!

Past groups presented include: Breath and Body Awareness, Healing from Anxiety and Depression and Healing from Trauma. The groups are held in small numbers to ensure that each participant receives the deserved attention and space to process their individual healing journey.

Currently, Sandra offers a Healing from Trauma 8-weeks course, will allow you to connect to your deeper self through a variety of body oriented mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, creative therapy and psychological oriented support practices. From this deeper place within you, you will be able to connect to a wider space,  where we make room for your injured or tormented parts and where you can embrace these parts again. This is where healing occurs. The course is structured in 8 classes, which are building on each other. During the week, you will be given some homework to continue your new practices at home. Follow up regular group practices will be scheduled.

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