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This event finished on 08 December 2019

Are you anxious and having trouble sleeping? Are you worried or experiencing nightmares?Are you feeling tension or pain in your body? Are you often feeling irritable or angry? Are you feeling so depressed and exhausted that you’d rather give up?

Come to this 8 weeks transformative workshop to find out how you can heal and get relief from these symptoms! Take the opportunity to join a continuous support group on Sunday afternoons in West End, where you will be guided through powerful body based meditation practices and mindfulness exercises, that will assist you to explore a deeper connection to yourself and give you tools to regulate your emotions and feelings, creating a more spacious and peaceful experience within yourself.

If you have experienced traumatic events like overwhelming emotional or physical distress, accidents, dislocation and separation of family members, or severe illness, your body might show symptoms of this distress even years later. Research has shown that traumatic events are memorised in your cells. As experience arises in our body, we can learn to perceive it directly with presence and open awareness. Through our mindful presence the experience can transform and healing occurs. This workshop will give you a safe environment to explore the connection between your feelings and thoughts and your sensations in your body. You will benefit with a release of tension and pain, calmness and emotional balance, a sense of empowerment & increased vitality!

Venue: 9 Browning Street, West End, QLD. Time & Date: 16.30 – 18:00 PM. Sundays, starting 20 Oct 2019. Investment: $208.-

For bookings: Please contact Sandra on 0418 714 345. Sandra Hotz works as a Body Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Craniosacral Therapist and Somatic Meditation Facilitator and has been guiding personal development groups for over 15 years.


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Sandra’s Body Awareness sessions have always brought me back to myself, helping me to let go of issues and feeling very calm and clear in myself.


It is a beautiful experience and always astonishing, how the simple Breath-Meditation practises that I have learned in Sandra's classes, help me before meetings finding my inner stillness and to step into a busy day with calm and ease.

Martina Schulte, Consultant

I have participate many times in Sandra's Body Awareness classes and each time it was a wonderful opportunity to stop, feel into my body and to develop a consciousness of how I am moving my body. Sandra has shown me in a loving way, how i can reconnect to my body and how I can move my body in harmony. After the classes i have felt calm and still.


I had sought help from many counselors and therapists during my darkest hour of loss and grief. The compassionate care and support I received from Sandra Hotz was exceptional. With gratitude, I whole-heartedly recommend Sandra Hotz and her dedicated work.

Rabekah Scott-Heart

... and there is an energy of love and "real"ness that I get from you, along with a gentle and kind and genuine and down to earth loving approach that I wanted to turn to..... thank you for the safe space you have given me.

Michelle A.